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percepticus provides customised end-to-end software services tailored to your needs and requirements.

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What makes us different

Business empathy - we believe that your success is our success which is why we approach each project with determination to understand your challenges and act on them to create a highly profitable solution.

Deep Understanding

From business requirements to product GoLive - we understand the crucial importance of clear business requirements.

Solution Design

By offering a custom-made solution we can help you increase productivity, improve efficiency, and add value to your business.

Make it Happen

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful partnerships. We combine this with efficiency and process utilisation to successfully complete projects within defined schedules.


Our Skills

With more than 10 years of experience our experts adopt a value-driven strategy to define and articulate project objectives from inception to completion and to help every member of your project team to deliver their best.

FullStack Web Development (Fintech, SaaS, Enterprise)

APIs Design

Mobile App Development

Blockchain Technologies for Business (Hyperledger Fabric)

Desktop App Development

Business Analysis & Project Management

Software Architecture & Solution Design

Technical Consultancy & DevOps

Our Mission

It is our mission to help organisations discover how technology can help them realise their potential and overcome limitations and challenges. We aim to achieve this by carefully identifying their needs and business objectives and continuously provide high-quality solutions to enhance their business efficiency.

We are driven by customer success and this is why we don’t just deliver a software - we make your ideas come to life!


Our Values

Our simple rule - to always provide accurate information and honest feedback- drives our belief in transparency in all we do. We are proud to be recognised internationally as a trustworthy company by our clients and partners.

We are dedicated to continuous learning and development and we actively seek new ways to add value and create reliable competitive advantage for our clients.

We keep it simple!

Our Services

Technology is our passion.
We love what we do and we do what we love.

FullStack Web Development

We know all the layers of a software development – from back-end to front-end - we have the full range of skills and knowledge and know how to get an idea to a finished product.

API Design & Development

We make the process of interaction between different devices and software- safe and simple, and we optimize your connectivity potential.

Mobile Development

More than 50% of global web traffic originates from mobile devices. Our experts know how to increase your accessibility and brand awareness. We help your business connect with the rest of the world while making sure your business goals align with your mobile strategy.


We know the ins and outs of Blockchain development and how your particular offering should work. We work with some of the best specialists who will analyse your requirements, design and build Blockchain technology around your business model and support you in every stage of the process.

Desktop apps

We develop cross-platform desktop software which allows freedom to use cutting edge features and saves money and time.

Project Management (Scrum & Kanban)

We use Agile methodology to increase efficiency and we tailor our project management services in accordance with your business needs.

Business Analysis

We help your business do business better by dedicating time and attention to understand your needs and recommend solutions that deliver value.

Software Architecture

We aim to respond to the ever-changing face of software development by staying on top of new trends. We make sure to provide a structured solution that meets your technical and business expectations and gives you the flexibility you need to stay competitive.

Horizontal Scaling

Our team has vast experience in scaling strategy. We will make the process of distributing the storage of your data -safe and fuzz-free.


We get things done. Simple!

Always working together

We support, encourage and learn from each other to achieve our goals

Learning something new every day

We thrive to be the best version of ourselves and we like to challenge ourselves by staying as far away from our comfort zone as possible.

How It Works

We use Agile methodology to deliver our projects and the workflow we follow aligns with this approach.


Business Analysis

We gather your requirements, define your needs and objectives and discuss plans.


Solution Design

Based on our findings we design the best solution to suit your business requirements and structure.



Code implementation on incremental steps, after we document and map out your requirements.



Your new custom product is ready to GoLive. This is done step-by-step with an implementation plan and with our continuous support even after the launch stage.



Once we have your feedback, we can make the necessary amendments according to your expectations.


Test & Ship

Apart from the ongoing testing we will also send you some of the features, so you can test the product and give us your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Where are you located?

Our main office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our team however, works remotely across several European countries.

- How reliable is to do business from a distance?

All our clients and business partners are companies from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, UK and US. We have a proven track of successful projects - all completed remotely.

-Where can I find more details about your previous projects?

We are happy to discuss more about our work, projects and clients - just get in touch.

-What makes you different?

We pride ourselves with being a trustworthy partner to all our clients. Our values and work ethics focus on being honest in our approach to business and we are doing the best we can to ensure these are reflected in the high-quality service we provide.

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